BIG                IRON       BULLETS

 Hello and welcome to Big Iron Bullets.

   I am Jerry Ewing,  I own and operate Big Iron Bullets with help from my two sons Garrett and Gabe.    We produce premium hard cast bullets by  using only quality materials and equipment that we meticulously set up and operated. We are located  closed to I-25 north of Fort Collins Colorado.


  The lead is an alloy metal,  a certified and analyzed  mixture of   6% Antimony   2% Tin  92% Lead.  It gives it a 18  Brinell Hardness Number (BHN).  

Bullets are sized and pressured  lube . The lube we use is produced by  Magma Engineering.

Please take a look at our web site and I think you will find some good bullets at a reasonable price. We  welcome special orders, sizes,  bundles of mixed bullets, or??

 Email us at or call me at 970 222 3372 for price quotes , local deliveries, gun club prices, or questions.  

Thank You


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